Thursday, 7 March 2013

Experimental Test Bonanza

Here is a concept for the ruins that my Minions will eventually be posed in -  

I want there to be recognisable architecture from around the world, mashed together.
In this concept we have an Egyptian Pyramid, a Mayan Relief, Roman Columns and a Celtic Ram Figurehead.

The Minions will begin by emerging from a Mayan manhole. 
For now it's just a straight line through the diorama but I plan to focus on making it visually interesting.

This is just me messing with hand painted textures and different surface properties. 


I'm contemplating making multi-sided assets for the diorama. Whether this is just me being a bit miserly with the textures remains to be seen. It could potentially create a very awkward asset or a very convenient one.

To test out the hand painted textures I built a quick stone block and dropped it into the UDK Foliage level - 

I tried out another, less developed texture -


Here is the model of Drake uploaded via Sketchfab - 

There are a couple of isolated vertices causing some smoothing errors in this model which I have corrected. It's just one of those things that happen after you collapse symmetry. So far he is unwrapped (finally) and just requires texturing and rigging. 
Then it's onto the next Minion, which should take considerably less time. 

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