Friday, 29 March 2013

Toro - WIP

So I've been tweaking Toro's textures. Trying to get my hand painted style to be consistent throughout all the characters, which is devlishly hard after spending so long on the course making realistic textures.
It becomes very easy to fall into a routine when creating different surface properties in photoshop that I sometimes forget to make it more stylised. 

I've been noodling about with different chest decals for Toro, I'll scan and upload them here soon.

Here they are - 

Design 5.

Design 6.
I'm going for the 5th design because it's not so obvious and it is the original design from my Toro concepts. I've become quite attached to it (I know, you shouldn't be precious about your work, blah, blah, blah, I'm sorry). 

Here is a quick update with plans for more revisions -


This is Toro's current state of completion - 

I'm going to add more variation on the surface of the chest and a few more little touches like nicks on the edges of the armour, studs on the leather straps and his boots. 

I want the balance of details to read well from a distance without becoming to noisy. 
This may take a few iterations but I will focus on creating the remaining Minions first and remedying the minor issues towards the end.

More to come............{^U^}/

For now here is a little dance......

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